Contract Law

Contract law affects each of us every day. From a simple oral agreement, like who will pick up the kids from day care to the more complex, like buying a home, the principles of contract law are involved. 

At the Law Offices of Sonya A. Bouma PLC, we will provide you with expert legal counsel and assist you with all of your contract issues including the following:

Document Review
Contract Formation
Contract Interpretation
Breach of Contract
Express/Implied Contracts
Voidable Contracts/Unenforceable Contracts
Purchase/Sale Agreements
Bills of Sale
Other Common Transactions
Other Complex Transactions

Sonya A. Bouma is an experienced attorney in the area of Civil Litigation.  She represents individuals throughout the California Central Valley, including Stanislaus County, San Joaquin County and Merced County.  Contact the Law Offices of Sonya A. Bouma PLC for your consultation:  (209) 527-8700.  You may also contact us via our website.