Lawyer’s practice experience
you can trust.

The Law Offices of Sonya A. Bouma PLC, represent clients in all matters relating to crucial aspects of their personal and professional legal affairs.  When searching for legal counsel, you cannot afford anything less than strong and effective representation. 


The Law Offices of Sonya A. Bouma PLC, promote and abide by basic legal, moral and ethical principles when representing its clients.

We recognize that the client is the reason that the Firm exists.  The client provides the purpose for the Firm.

    We will vigorously advocate in the interest of the client, while maintaining professionalism and candor.  We will not engage in unethical practices on behalf of the client.

    We will maintain the strictest confidentiality when handling client’s issues and concerns.  We will keep communication open between the client and the attorney, making every effort to inform the client of new developments affecting their matter in a timely manner.

    The attorney client relationship is a relationship requiring trust.  Such a relationship is a team effort.  The firm will provide sound and honest legal advice in the best interest of the client.  However, the ultimate decision and control rests with the client.

    We will always be willing to discuss the status of the case with the client, along with any additional issues or concerns of the client, so as to reach an effective and efficient resolution. Legal services can prove costly in some circumstances. 

The client should not have to sacrifice quality of service in order to receive affordable service.  We will work with the client to ensure that quality representation is afforded to them, while controlling costs for affordability.